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SAF Infinitum

SAF Infinitum

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SAF INFINITUM is a comprehensive solution for the operation of the Self-Adjusting File (SAF) System. 

It includes a main control center with a 7" screen, used to supervise and define the work with the SAF System, and a pump aparatus, used to exchange irrigants and to suction excess fluids from the area of the endodontic treatment.

SAF INFINITUM's main device receives a bluetooth signal from either a transmitter connected to a standard dental ISO-type micromotor, or the designated cordless motor used to operate the SAF System. A contra-angle handpiece that is connceted to the micromotor is used to operate the Self-Adjusting Files and continuously deliver a disinfecting irrigant and suction back fluids from the treatment area.

SAF INFINITUM also includes a comprehensive guide for the use of the SAF System, including instructions for use, clinical protocol, intsructional videos, etc.

The initial kit of SAF INFINITUM includes:

  • 1 SAF Infinitum™ Main Device
  • 1 Irrigation / Evacuation Pump Container (embedded in the Main Device)
  • 1 charger
  • 2 batteries
  • 1 AC-DC wall mounted adapter transformer with a power cord
  • 1 SAF Infinitum™ Transmitter + RFID card
  • Training kit, including: 1 SAF Infinitum™ Handpiece; 1 SAF 1.5/25mm, 1 SAF 2.0/25mm,2 GenTooth replicas of genuine teeth (molar and a premolar)
  • 1 irrigation/evacuation dual-lumen tube
  • 1 “Instructions for Use” (IFU) manual (on-board the operating system)

The first purchase may include SAF instruments and Handpieces, apart from the main System kit, that are supplied in a pre-sterile state.

SAF Infinitum Transmitter:

A re-usable transmitter for the operation of SAF INFINITUM. Compatible with standard ISO-type dental electric micromotors, as well as with some endodontic motors with an ISO-type micromotor (VDW Gold, VDW Silver, or Schlumbohm Endopilot - brands that are not owned by ReDentNOVA). Sends a BT signal to the main device, to control the operation of the pumps, and provide information about the rotation speed.

Single-use handpiece:

A revolutionary disposable handpiece, that operates the Self-Adjuting Files at 5000 vibrations per minute, with slow 60rpm rotation outside the canal and a clutch mechanism to prevent rotation when bound by the root canal walls. Delivers irrigant into the file and suctions back excess fluids. Connects, by a transmitter, to standard ISO-type digital dental micromotors. Recycleable, through a recycling program that is used to create raw material for the Cordless Motor.

Cordless Motor:

A wireless-operation motor for the SAF Infinitum System, that provides the user an option to operate the SAF System without depending on the dental unitץ Compatible with the single-use handpiece, to operate the Self-Adjusting Files at a constant speed of 5000 rpm.

A wireless Bluetooth signal transmitted by the Cordless Motor to the SAF Infinitum Main Control Device activates an irrigation pump and a suction pump, to deliver clean irrigant and remove used irrigant through a designated dual-lumen tube that is connected to the handpiece. 

The SAF Infinitum™ Cordless Motor is rechargeable, through its designated charging cradle. A cradle cover protects the Cordless Motor when it is stored.

The Cordless Motor is supplied with a charger and a USB-C charging cable, to quickly charge the device.

SAF Infinitum charger:

A charger for the batteries of the SAF INFINITUM System. Can charge the two batteries supplied with the system, either simultaneously or separately, and is only compatible with the batteries manufactured by ReDent Nova GmbH. It is supplied with an electrical cable and 4 different plug types: EU, US, UK and Australia. 


Lithium-ion batteries used to supply electrical current for the SAF INFINITUM Main Control Device. Rechargeable through the SAF INFINITUM Charger. Standard charging time to full capacity takes about 2.5 hours.

Training set:

The SAF INFINITUM System is provided with an Instructional Training Kit, that is also available for purchase by itself, including: 1 SAF Infinitum Handpiece; 1 SAF 1.5/25mm; 1 SAF 2.0/25mm; 2 GenTeeth: 3D-printed replicas of genuine teeth - a mandibular first premolar with an oval canal, and a mandibular 1st molar with a long-oval distal canal and two narrow mesial canals that connect in the apical third. 

The Kit and its contents are compatible with the SAF System Training Program, that you can attain through this website.

The instruments included in the Kit are designated for training purposes only, and not for clinical use.

Irrigation line:

A combintaion of the SAF INFINITUM irrigation / evacuation pump container, with a dual-lumen tube.

The pump container is embedded into the SAF INFINITUM Main Device, enabling stirring of the irrigant, delivery of the irrigant to the Self-Adjusting File through the Handpiece, and backwards suction of excess fluids from the treated tooth. The pump container is designated for 100 working hours, and then needs to be replaced, to assure proper function of the irrigation and suction system. The SAF INFINITUM System supervises and will alert as the pump gets close to its effective period of use. The irrigation line also includes a  2 meters dual-lumen tube.

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