About ReDent NOVA

ReDent Nova ltd. is a medical technology company, which develops, designs, manufactures and markets innovative dental devices and instruments.

ReDent Nova's flagship product is the Self-Adjusting File (SAF) System, an innovative minimally-invasive endodontic technology for a complete 3D cleaning and shaping using a single instrument.


The SAF System is a breakthrough in endodontic instrumentation, based on the concept of adapting the file to the root canal rather than shaping the canal according to the limitations of the rotary or hand instruments.

The Self-Adjusting File, a hollow Nickel-Titanium lattice-like cylinder that scrubs the canal walls by vertical vibrations, enables the dentist to follow the natural morphology of the root canal system and to preserve sound dentin, while achieving a supreme level of cleaning, disinfection and treatment-safety.  

Other devices developed and marketed by ReDent Nova are the VATEA irrigation pump, the EndoStation advanced endodontic motor and the EndoStation-mini lightweight multifunctional endodontic motor.


The SAFbasic System includes the VATEA, which is a peristaltic irrigation device that allows to use the Self-Adjusting Files with various endodontic motors in the market and adds the functionality of continuous irrigation to it.

The SAFpro System includes the EndoStation, an advanced endodontic motor, developed in cooperation with Acteon ltd. (Satelec), which includes an integral irrigation pump. The EndoStation allows to use the Self-Adjusting Files, all major brands of rotary instruments (ProTaper, ProFile, K3, MTwo, RaCe, etc.) and all major brands of reciprocating instruments (WaveOne, Reciproc, etc.).

The SAFedge System includes the EndoStation-mini, a lightweight rechargeable endodontic motor, which includes an integral peristaltic irrigation pump. The EndoStation-mini includes two interchangeable micromotors - SAF for the Self-Adjusting Files and Rotary for any of the major brands of rotary instruments. 


ReDent Nova ltd. is a privately-held company, established in Israel as a start-up company in 2004 by Dr. Raphael (Rafi) Hof and Dr. Ehud Teperovich, and funded by various private investors and venture capital funds.


ReDent Nova's head offices and R&D laboratories reside in:

15 Ha'Taasiya St.

P.O.B. 4159

Ra'anana 4365408



ReDent Nova's main officials are:

Mr. Noam Knoll – Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Prof. Zvi Metzger, DMD – Head of Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Alon Amit, DMD – Director of Marketing and Education

Mr. Arye Katz – Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Ms. Shir Margulu – Dir. of Regulatory Affairs & Quality Assurance

Mr. Maor Abergil – Supply Chain Director

Ms. Osnat Nahumi  Key Account manager