1. Meet and try the SAF System at the Central European Dental Exhibition 2018 in Poznan, Poland.

  2. The SAF System will be presented, including hands-on instruction, at the GeoSoft booth

  3. Learn about the SAF System at the dentral dental exhibition of Belgium.

  4. Prof. Zvi Metzger will lecture about the SAF System at this global event.

  5. All about complex root canal morphology and how to handle it - instructed by Dr. Andrei Afanyutin

  6. A unique advanced endodontics conference with Dr. Michael Solomonov

  7. Learn all about the SAF System at the GMI booth

  8. A free online webinar (in Russian) by Dr. Michael Elendo, sponsored by GeoSoft Dent.

  9. Masterclass by Dr. Michael Solomonov and Dr. Alon Amit, at the GC - IDS center

  10. Meet the SAF System at the International Dental Show in Köln, Germany.