May 25 2018

EndoLive with Dr. Murashkin - Moscow, Russia - 25.5.18

Join a unique clinical event, conducted by Dr. Dmitry Murashkin.

This unique clinically-oriented event will include case analysis, treatment of two patients under a clinical microscope by Dr. Dmitry Murashkin, at the "German Dental Center" in Moscow, and discussion of the anamnesis, the various clinical steps and the results of the treatment.




May 25th 2018


Location: Moscow, Russia
Speaker: Dr. Dmitry Murashkin (Дмитрий Мурашкин): 

Graduate of the Dental faculty at the Chuvash State University.

Works at the German Dental Center in Moscow, Russia (Немецкий Стоматологический Центр в Москве)



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German Dental Center

Volochayevskaya Ulitsa, 2c1,

Moscow, Russia

«Немецкий Стоматологический Центр» г. Москва, ул. Волочаевская, д. 2, к.