Jun 28 2018

Israeli Endo Society & GC Israel, Tel-Aviv Israel, 28.6.2018

Meet the SAF System at the Israeli Endodontic Society's semi-annual conference.

Meet the SAF System at the GC-Israel booth, during the joint conference of the Israeli Endodontic Society, The Israeli Society of Oral Medicine and GC Israel.

The event will include short 30-mintutes seminars, to get to know the SAF System and to try it personally. The instruction will be conducted by Dr. Alon Amit.

The conference will include many topics in dentistry, with great emphasis on endodontics, including:

  • Prof. Nitzan Bichacho: Rehabilitation after endodontic treatment
  • Dr. Fabio Gorni: Non-surgical re-treatment
  • Prof. Ervin Weiss, Dr. Nitzan Bichacho, Dr. Munir Karawani, Dr. Ari Glickman: What posts to choose after a root canal treatment? (debate)
  • Dr. Michael Solomonov, Dr. Tomer Goldberger, Dr. Ronny Wigler: a-symptomatic apical lesions - to treat or not to treat? (debate)




June 28th 2018

8:30 - 17:00


Tel-Aviv, Israel

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Tel: +972.3.761.0805

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Joint dental conference

Event website: Joint Dental Conference


Dan Panorama Tel-Aviv Hotel

10 Keufman St.

Tel Aviv