Self-Adjusting File Self-Adjusting File


The Self-Adjusting File (SAF) represents a paradigm shift in modern endodontics as the first instrument that truly addresses the basic cleaning, shaping and obturation principles of endodontic treatment in all three dimensions.


SAF System

Self-Adjusting File

The SAF is supported by dozens of research papers published in the leading endodontic journals, representing its superiority over rotary files and turning it into a true evidence-based endodontic concept.

The SAF is a hollow file designed as an elastically compressible, thin-walled pointed cylinder that is composed of a nickel-titanium lattice.

The SAF is used as a single instrument to achieve complete 3D root canal cleaning and shaping in a minimally invasive way. Its hollow shape allows for the continuous flow of irrigant through its lumen to achieve superior disinfection.

The SAF’s mode of operation eliminates many of the risks and drawbacks attributed to rotary NiTi files, leading to better and safer treatment.

Increase your success rate!

■  Anatomical shaping, for minimally-invasive preservation of sound dentin

■  Simultaneous irrigation with agitation, for optimal disinfection

■  Superior safety to avoid file separation and micro-cracks