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The following products have all been discontinued, and can only be ordered from former distributors of ReDent Nova Ltd. 



Name System Compatibility
SAFbasic SAFpro SAFedge
  SAF System Set - 1 SAF 1.5 mm + 3 Pre-SAF instruments     
SafNeoSet1.51621  SAF Neo Set 1.5mm / 21mm X X X
SafNeoSet1.51825 SAF Neo Set 1.5mm / 25mm X X X
SafNeoSet1.52131 SAF Neo Set 1.5mm / 31mm X X X
  Self-Adjusting File refill (package of 5 or 10)     
1.51621 SAF Neo file 1.5 mm / 21 mm X X
1.51825 SAF Neo file 1.5 mm / 25 mm X X
1.52131 SAF Neo file 1.5 mm / 31 mm X X
2.01621 SAF Neo file 2.0 mm / 21 mm X X
2.01825 SAF Neo file 2.0 mm / 25 mm X X
  Pre-SAF Glidepath (package of 6)      
Pre-SAF-OS Pre-SAF OS glidepath instrument X X X
Pre-SAF-1 Pre-SAF 1 glidepath instrument X X X
Pre-SAF-2 Pre-SAF 2 glidepath instrument X X X
  SAFedge System      
ESM-E29910 SAFedge System     X
ESM-F00009 EndoStationmini™ Main Unit, including built-in pump     X
ESM-F99904 ZipperLine LEMO Cable 1.6m     X
ESM-F99911 ZipperLine LEMO Cable 1.6m with Apex Locator hub     X
ESM-F99908 LEMO Cable (Standard) 1.6m     X
ESM-F99998 Adapter for apex locator - Female-Male     X
ESM-F99999 Adapter for apex locator - Male-Male     X
ESM-F00030 Battery block (incl. battery and cover)     X
ESM-F99901 Irrigation line with pump cassette for EndoStationmini     X
ESM-F99910 USB charging cable     X
ESM-F99909  USB charging plug (EU type)     X
ESM-F00016  Micromotor "SAF" for EndoStationmini     X
ESM-F00006 Micromotor "Rotary" for EndoStationmini     X
ESM-F00016S NX adapter for SAF RDT3 handpiece head (with blue O-ring)     X
ESM-F00006R  NX adapter for rotary handpiece head (with red O-ring)     X
ESM-F00016BLUE  Blue O-ring for NX adapter (3 pack)     X
ESM-F00006RED  Red O-ring for NX adapter (3 pack)     X
ESM-F99905  Rubber handpiece stand "edge"     X
ESM-F001629  Rotary handpiece head - latch type     X
ESM-F110007  Rotary handpiece head - button type      X
ESM-F99901T Single-use dettachable silicone irrigation tube for EndoStationmini™ (Female Luer) - 2m long (5 pack)   X X
ESM-F00031 CleanStand file/handpiece holder with adapter     X
ESM-F99903 Lubricating head adapter for NX adapter     X
ESM-F00032 Footswitch for EndoStationmini     X
ESM-F00033 EndoSponge pack 50X10mm (50 pack)     X
  SAFpro System      
RD-F28810 SAFpro System   X  
ES-F28810 EndoStation™ main unit, including built-in pump   X  
ES-F28811 Multifunctional footswitch   X  
ES-F28812 Micro-motor "E" with cord   X  
ES-F28818 Power supply (Class II protection) for EndoStation™   X  
ES-F28813 Irrigation line with pump-cassette for EndoStation™   X  
ES-F28814 Single-use dettachable silicone irrigation tube for EndoStation™ (Female Luer) - 1.5m (10 pack)   X  
ES-F28815 Bottle holder (stainless steel)   X  
ES-F28819 Plastic clip-ons for irrigator-cord (7 clips)   X  
ES-F28820 Silicone portable mount for handpiece   X  
10608MBP  Rotary E-type 8:1 contra-angle handpiece with head - discontinued   X  
RN-06B165  Rotary E-type 16:1 contra-angle handpiece with head "Soco"   X  
ES-F28827 Fitted suitcase for SAFpro System   X  
  SAFbasic System      
STA-702-010-011  SAFbasic System X    
AD-702-010-010  VATEA pump X    
RDN-MCH0023  Power supply for VATEA X    
RDN-MCH0035  VATEA footswitch X    
RDN-MCH0027  Single-use dettachable silicone irrigation tube for VATEA (male luer) (10 pack) X    
C873  F-type 1:1 adapter X X  
NX30016600  RDT3-NX head X X X
AS30016600  RDT3 head X X  
C10008 Contra-angle handpiece 1:1 (E-type, suitable for RDT3-NX) X X  
ES-F28816 Glass bottle, 250mL, incl. standard cap (10 pack)   X X
ES-F28816D Dark-brown glass bottle, 250mL, standard cap (single bottle)   X X
ES-F28817 Functional bottle two-port screw cap (blue)   X X
ES-F28830 Functional bottle single-port screw cap (blue)   X X
ES-F28826  Instructional media card X X
MK-030-080 Marketing brochure  X  X

* Spare parts are available only for SAF System owners, according to the specific system that was purchased