EndoStation™ Main Unit, including built-in pump

EndoStation™ Main Unit EndoStation™ Main Unit

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The EndoStation is an advanced all-in-one endodontic motor, engineered and manufactured in collaboration between ReDent Nova and Acteon (Satelec). The EndoStation™ is a multi-purpose endodontic motor, allowing to work in SAF, Rotary or Reciprocating mode. It is equipped with an integral peristaltic pump that enables simultaneous and continuous irrigation with the SAF System, and supplied with an RDT3 handpiece head that operates the SAF. An optional 8:1 rotary contra-angle handpiece is available, to operate rotary and reciprocating NiTi instruments in these modes. All operational modes have adjustable programs and settings that allow to achieve the best outcome.

It is important to note maintenance procedures required for the EndoStation, especially when operated with corrosive irrigants, such as NaOCl, including flushing of the irrigation line and oiling of the RDT3 handpiece head.

Disinfection: Externally by alcohol wipes / disinfectant spray, while disconnected from power source.


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