EndoStationmini™ Main Unit, including built-in pump

EndoStation mini Main Unit EndoStation mini Main Unit

The SAFedge System is a modern multifunctional endodontic instrumentation system, providing an easy and ergonomic solution for working with Self-Adjusting Files, as well as with Rotary endodontic instruments.

The lightweight and rechargeable EndoStation mini™ is equipped with an integral peristaltic pump, enabling the dentist to activate continuous simultaneous irrigation during the operation of the SAF System. Two interchangeable micromotors, SAF and Rotary, are supplied with the SAFedge System, and are automatically identified and calibrated, to save time when changing between the instrumentation systems.

The unique ZipperLine™ cable  (patent pending) embeds the irrigation tube into the micromotor cable, for ergonomic operation with a single cord.

Disinfection: Externally by alcohol wipes / disinfectant spray, while disconnected from power source.


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