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VATEA pump VATEA pump

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The VATEA peristaltic irrigation pump is the heart of the SAFbasic System. This pump is supplementary to various common endodontic motors (as detailed in the compatibility guide), together with the RDT3 handpiece head.
This rechargeable irrigation pump has an internal reservoir of 400ml, and is designed to work with various types of irrigation solutions, including sodium hypochlorite, EDTA, chlorhexidine, etc. It is supplied with a 10V charging transformer, a designated footswitch for its on/off operation, 10 disposable irrigation tubes with a male luer connector and a funnel.

The VATEA allows the user to change the irrigant flow rate at a range of 0-10 mL/min, in intervals of 1 mL/min, and counts the time of irrigation, including sound alerts after 2 minutes of operation and after 4 minutes of operation.
It is important to note maintenance procedures required for the VATEA, especially when operated with corrosive irrigants, such as NaOCl, including flushing of the irrigation reservoir and irrigation line and oiling of the RDT3 handpiece head.

Disinfection: Externally by alcohol wipes / disinfectant spray, while disconnected from power source.


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