Alternating taper premolar

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  • doctor image: doctor image
  • doctor name: Dr. Asif Arkhmammadov
  • location: Azerbaijan
  • Case #: Case #12

Case description

This case of acute pulpitis was a classic case for SAF instrumentation. Working length was determined with a #20 k-file, and then the entire instrumentation was done by the self-adjusting file.
 As can be seen from the final x-rays, the root canal has a constriction in its middle third, which the SAF could bypass and instrument the canal according to its original morphology, respecting the negative taper and leaving as much sound dentin as possible. 4 minutes of instrumentation was done with 4mL/min of NaOCl irrigation. Obturatiowas done in the hybrid technique.


About Dr. Asif Arkhmammadov

Dr. Asif Arkhmammadov (Baku, Azerbaijan) is a graduate of the Azerbaijan Medical University (AMU/ATU), where he also received his PhD and currently teaches. He also works at his private clinic in Baku, concentrating on endodontic treatment.


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