Slow-release CHX concept

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  • doctor image: doctor image
  • doctor name: Dr. Shalom Arbiv
  • location: Israel
  • Case #: Case #22

Case description

A 9 year-old patient after an old trauma to a central maxillary incisor. The tooth was only partially evolved, with a very wide canal and an open apex.

Treatment was done with SAF 2.0mm, while attaching the file to the walls of the root canal (see photo) for 4 minutes with continuous NaOCl irrigation. This was followed by negative-pressure irrigation (EndoVAC) and passive ultrasonic irrigation.

Prior to obturation, a Periochip (slow release chlorhexidine gluconate device) was inserted into the canal, to assure ongoing disinfection. Then an MTA plug was placed, and the canal was obturated by heat-softened gutta-percha.

The 3-months follow-up x-ray already shows significant reduction of the periapical lesion.


About Dr. Shalom Arbiv 

Dr. Arbiv (Jerusalem, Israel) graduated from the Hadassah faculty of dentistry at the Hebrew University at Jerusalem in 1986.

He served in the IDF as a dentist and as a manager of dental clinics.

Right after his military service he focused on endodontic treatments, and operates a private clinic in Jerusalem, limited to endodontic care.


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