Furcating mandibular premolar

Additional Info

  • doctor image: doctor image
  • doctor name: Dr. Asif Arkhmammadov
  • location: Azerbaijan
  • Case #: Case #26

Case description

The patient arrived with a mandibular 1st premolar with a diagnosis of irreversible pulpitis.

This case presents a very wide canal that divides into two narrow canals at mid-root.

The coronal portion was cleaned by SAF 2.0mm, while the apical portion was cleaned by k-files and a 1.5mm SAF.

The clinical microscope photographs show the oval shape of the canal and how the Self-Adjusting File was able to adapt to it and clean it according to its original anatomy.


About Dr. Asif Arkhmammadov

Dr. Asif Arkhmammadov (Baku, Azerbaijan) is a graduate of the Azerbaijan Medical University (AMU/ATU), where he also received his PhD and currently teaches.

He also works at his private clinic in Baku, concentrating on endodontic treatment.


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Address: Baku, Azerbaijan

Phone: +994 5022 32382

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