Sealer penetration in mandibular molar

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  • doctor name: Dr. Marino Borrelli
  • location: Italy
  • Case #: Case #29

Case description

Re-treatment was required for this mandibular 2nd molar (#47), due to chronic apical periodontitis.

The previous obturation was removed using hand files and rotary instruments. SAF 2.0 mm was operated in the distal canal and SAF 1.5 mm was operated in the mesial canals for 4 minutes each, with 4mL/min NaOCL continuous irrigation.

Obturation was done by heat-softened gittapercha, presenting the oval shape of the distal canal and the penetration of the sealer into lateral canals and isthmuses in the mesial canals.


About Dr. Marino Borrelli

Dr. Marino Borrelli, from Salerno, Italy, received his degree in dentistry from the University of Naples, and is a specialist in Endodontics.

He operates a private clinic in Salerno, dedicated solely to endodontic treatment.

Dr. Borrelli is a member of SIE (Società Italiana di Endodonzia) since 1990, and served as the regional secretary in years 1990-1992. He currently serves as the regional secretary of Società di Endodonzia Campana.

He has published several articles in national and international journals, and lectures frequently in conference in Italy and abroad.


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Address: Via Trento, 56, 84129 Salerno SA, Italy

Phone: +39 089 338864