Mandibular premolar with a lateral canal

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  • doctor image: doctor image
  • doctor name: Dr. Michael Elendo
  • location: Russia
  • Case #: Case #28

Case description

This mandibular 2nd premolar was diagnosed with irreversible pulpitis.

Hand files were used to establish glidepath, and were then followed by the self-adjusting file, with continuous irrigation of sodium hypochlorite 4mL/min for 6 minutes.

Obturation was done by a combination technique - lateral compaction with GP and AH+ at the apical area, followed by backpacking with warm GP. The penetration of sealer into the lateral canal indicates that it was well-cleaned by the SAF System.


About Dr. Michael Elendo

Dr. Elendo, from Omsk, Russia, graduated from the faculty of dentistry at OSMA University (Omsk State Medical University), where he was also a clinical resident in 2008-2010 and a post-graduate student (Endodontics) in 2010-2013.

He was a lecturer and an instructor at OSMA in 2011-2013. He was a speaker at several local and international conferences, and currently works in the endodontic field at the "Elite" private dental clinic (СК "Элита на Малиновского") in Omsk, Russia.


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Address: Omsk, Russia