Apical anatomy - central maxillary incisor

Additional Info

  • doctor image: doctor image
  • doctor name: Dr. Luca Grigolato
  • location: Italy
  • Case #: Case #20

Case description

The initial x-ray of this maxillary central incisor indicated that there might be some irregular anatomical form in the apical region. This case was operated with the SAF System, and then obturated by heat-softened guttapercha.

The final x-ray photo reveals what the apical anatomy really looks like - two lateral canals, in which the mesial one extends into a deep recess.


About Dott. Luca Grigolato 

Dott. Luca Grigolato (Brescia, Italy) is a graduate of the University of Brescia (2008).

Since 2009 Dr. Grigolato is a resident at the San Rocco Hospital (Instituto Clinico San Rocco) in Brescia, Italy.


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Address: Brescia, Italy

Website: www.sanrocco-gsd.it/medici/luca-grigolato.html