Re-treatment of a mandibular incisor

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  • doctor name: Dr. Joe Ben Yitzhak
  • location: Israel
  • Case #: Case #31

Case description

This female patient was referred to the clinic for an apicoectomy in tooth #42 (right mandibular lateral incisor) by her general dentist, due to an apical lesion. The tooth already had a good zirconia crown, but inspection of the tooth raised a suspicion to an anatomical variation, which the following CBCT confirmed - a second (lingual) canal was missed.

The RCT was made through the crown, the bulk of GP was removed by a #25 rotary instrument, and SAF 1.5mm was used for the treatement of the missing canal, as well as for the retreatment. The retreatment with the SAF was done initially with chloroform, and then with continuous sodium hypochlorite irrigation.



About Dr. Joe Ben-Yitzhak 

Dr. Ben-Yitzhak is the deputy director of the Post-graduate Endodontic program at the Sheba Medical center in Israel.

He graduated from his dental studies in 1991, and graduated from the Endodontics Specialization program at the Hadassah Faculty of Dental Medicine, Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2003. He served in the IDF for 17 years in various positions.



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