Premolar with an apical delta

Additional Info

  • doctor image: doctor image
  • doctor name: Dr. Katrin Bertelli
  • location: Italy
  • Case #: Case #17

Case description

This patient with this maxillary first premolar (#24) arrived to the clinic with acute pulpitis.
A glidepath was made by hand files (#8, #10, #15), and then by Mtwo.
Due to the apical delta, this case was treated by SAF in two phases - initially, a SAF 2.0 mm was used in the coronal and middle thirds, and then SAF 1.5 mm was operated in the apical area.
Obturation was carried by heat-softened guttapercha, and the continuous irrigation was able to clean the apical delta well, as can be seen in the final x-ray.


About Dott.ssa Katrin Bertelli

1999-2002: Università degli studi di Brescia, Biomedical laboratory technician

2002-2007: Università degli Studi di Brescia, Doctor of Dentistry

2007-2010: Scientific research at the group of Professor Antonio Cerutti


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Address: Brescia, Italy