S-shaped canals

Additional Info

  • doctor image: doctor image
  • doctor name: Dr. Denis Kuznetsov
  • location: Russia
  • Case #: Case #19

Case description

This maxillary 3rd molar was difficult to handle, for two reasons:

  1. The access to the tooth was difficult, because of the location and position of the tooth.
  2. The canals were curved, three of the four canals had an S-shaped curvature, which is difficult to treat.

The glidepath preparation had to be minimal, to avoid any canal transportation. Then the SAF System was used, to shape and clean the root canals in the most minimally-invasive way.

The final x-ray photos illustrate the curvatures of the canals, and how they were conserved due to the self-adjusting file's flexibility.


About Dr. Denis M. Kuznetsov (Денис Кузнецов) 

2008: graduated from VSMU.

2009: Additional training, GIUV.

2013: Academic review of endodontology, Penn University.


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