C-shaped molar

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  • doctor name: Dr. Medha Jain
  • location: India
  • Case #: Case #13

Case description

62 yrs old, female. Thermal sensitivity for 10-12 days. Tooth #47 (US:31) presented class II distal caries.
The initial X-ray presented a fused single root, blurred diffuse image of the canals.
Diagnosis : Pulpal -Symtomatic, Irreversible pulpitis. Apical - Symptomatic apical periodontitis.
Cleaning : NaOCl 5%, EDTA 17.5 %, PUI.
Shaping : K file, ProTaper - S1, S2, F1, F2.
SAF was operated at 4,000 rpm, with NaOCl irrigation at 4 ml /min, 4 min in each canal.
Obturation : Gutta percha and AH Plus sealer. Warm vertical compaction - CWC.


About Dr. Medha Jain

Dr. Medha Jain (Gujarat, India) is an MDS in Endodontology, and is practicing in this field since 1995. She specializes in Root Canal Treatment & Microscope Enhanced Dentistry.
Dr. Jain is a speaker at national and international endodontic and dental conferences.


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