Two central incisors

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  • doctor name: Dr. Osnat Keisar
  • location: Israel
  • Case #: Case #14

Case description

This 25 years old female patient was referred by her orthodontist. The two central incisors were non vital, and presented apical radiolucencies. The patient reported about trauma to the anterior teeth in childhood. Both teeth presented mesial composite restorations with secondary carious lesions.

The right maxillary central incisor (#11) was treated by the Self-adjusting File (3 minutes with NaOCl and 1 minute with EDTA), and was then obturated by lateral compaction.

The left maxillary central incisor (#21) was instrumented by the SAF (see x-ray photos before and after SAF operation), with 3 minutes of NaOCl and 1 minute of EDTA, and was then obturated by lateral compaction.

The 1-year follow-up x-ray shows complete healing of the periapical lesions.


About Dr. Osnat Keisar

Dr. Keisar graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine at "Hadassah", Hebrew University in Jerusalem in 1988, and then specialized in endodontics at the same school, achieving her specialst license in 1996.

She works at two private dental clinics in Israel, limited to endodontic treatment.


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