C-shaped with a lateral apical foramen

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  • doctor image: doctor image
  • doctor name: Dr. Massimo Mori
  • location: Italy
  • Case #: Case #2

Case description

This case of a third mandibular molar (#48), treated in September 2013, presents an a-typical morphology, starting with taurodontism, then a C-shape structure of the root canal in the apical third, where the separate root canals combine into one, and then a sharp 90 degrees curvature of the root canal into a distally-located apical foramen.
The canals were treated with the SAF System and obturation by warm vertical compaction, which illustrates how the Self-Adjusting File was able to thoroughly clean the canals, including the difficult apical curvature.

About Dr. Massimo Mori

Dr. Massimo Mori, from Genova, Italy, is a specialist in endodontics since 1986, M.D.S. graduate of Università Di Genova in 1985.
Active member of SIE (Società italiana di Endodonzia) since 2001, active member of ESE (European Society of endodontology) since 2001.
Held a teaching position at the University of Genoa in Italy in 1999-2000. Currently serves as a lecturer in the University of Cagliari second level master of endodontology program.
Holds a private clinic in Genova, Italy.


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Website: www.endodonziagenova.it

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