Apical C-shape connection

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  • doctor name: Dr. Ephie Sharlin
  • location: Israel
  • Case #: Case #24

Case description

This 25 year-old patient was referred for a root canal treatment following a first aid treatment given by her general dentist.

An access cavity was prepared, followed by coronal glidepath preparation by gates-gliden 2, 3, 4.

Canal shaping was performed by #10 hand file, Pathfile 0.13, SAF 1.5/25mm, with continuous NaOCl irrigation.

Obturation was done by a hybrid technique - lateral compaction with AH+ sealer and guttapercha, and then backfilled vertically by warm GP.

The x-ray photos present how the two separate canals combined into one C-shaped canal in the apical third. The penetration of the obturation material into the isthmus between the canals illustrates the high level of cleanliness.

The 5-months follow-up x-ray shows reduction in the apical lesion and significant bone buildup.


About Dr. Ephie Sharlin 

Dr. Ephie Sharlin is an endodontist who operates his private clinic at Bat-Hefer, Israel, limited to endodontic care under a clinical microscope.

He holds a B.Sc. Degree from the University of Toronto, Canada, and a DMD degree from the Hadassah Faculty of Dental Medicine, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is also a graduate of the Endodontic specialization program at the Hebrew University. He also had advanced studies at Boston University, Massachussettes, USA.

Dr. Sharlin is a member of the European Society of Endodontology (ESE) and the Israel Endodontic Association.


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Address: 28 HaGalil St., Bat-Hefer, Israel.

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