Efficacy of Self-Adjusting File, XP-endo Finisher and Passive Ultrasonic Irrigation On The Removal of Calcium Hydroxide Paste From an Artificial Standardized Groove

A. Kfir, N. Blau-Venezia, T. Goldberger, I. Abramovitz, R. Wigler

Australian Endodontic Journal. 2018. 44(1):26-31.



The purpose of this study was to compare the effectiveness of self-adjusting file (SAF), XP-endo finisher (XP), passive ultrasonic irrigation (PUI) and conventional syringe and needle irrigation (SNI) in the removal of Ca(OH)2 from an artificial groove. Eighty mandibular incisors with single oval canals were prepared to size 40/0.04 and split longitudinally. A standardised groove was prepared in the apical third and filled with Ca(OH)2 . The root halves were reassembled and divided into two control groups (n = 4) and four experimental groups (n = 18) according to the removal methods used. The amount of residual Ca(OH)2 was evaluated using a four-grade scoring system. The differences among the groups were analysed using the Kruskal-Wallis test (P < 0.05). SAF, XP and PUI removed significantly more Ca(OH)2 than SNI (P < 0.001), although there were no significant differences among them (P = 0.209). None of the tested methods could completely clean Ca(OH)2 from the groove.



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  • ReDent Nova’s note:

    This research was not conducted according to the clinical protocol of the SAF System, and cannot be expected to provide the results anticipated when used correctly.

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