Modern Endodontic Principles Part 3: Preparation

J. Darcey, C. Taylor, R.V. Roudsari, S. Jawad, M. Hunter

Dental Update 2015 Nov;42(9):810-2, 815-8, 821-2.



The purpose of instrumentation is to facilitate irrigation and allow controlled obturation. This article will revisit methods of instrumentation of the root canal system with consideration given to length determination, apical preparation and the concept of patency filing. It will discuss hand instrumentation and rotary preparation looking at emerging technology such as reciprocating systems and the self-adjusting file.

CPD/CLINICAL RELEVANCE: Mechanical preparation of the root canal system is of fundamental importance in achieving success, creating a more easily managed environment from a biological perspective.


The full article is available in PDF version on ResearchGate.

 darcey modern endodontic instrumentation


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