Successful orthograde treatment of dens invaginatus Type 3 with a main C-shaped canal based on cone-beam computed tomography evaluation

M. Solomonov, J. Ben Itzhak, A. Levin, V. Katzenell, A. Shemesh

Journal of Conservative Dentistry. 2016 November-December; 19(6):587-590


Dens invaginatus is a rare anatomic variation that is found primarily in maxillary lateral incisors. The management of dens invaginatus is challenging for clinicians; diagnosing the type of malformation, choosing the most appropriate treatment, and carrying out treatment are complicated by the intricate root system of these teeth. The following case report describes the diagnosis and treatment planning of dens invaginatus Type 3 after cone-beam computed tomography evaluation.  


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 solomonov dens invaginatus


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