Push-Out Bond Strength of Root Fillings Made With C-Point and BC Sealer vs. Gutta Percha and AH Plus After The Instrumentation of Oval Canals With The Self-Adjusting File vs. Waveone

A. Pawar, S. Pawar, A. Kfir, M. Pawar, S. Kokate

International Endodontic Journal. 2016 Apr;49(4)374-81.


AIM: To compare the push-out bond strength exhibited by root fillings performed with either C-Point and Endosequence® BC sealer™ (BC Sealer) or gutta-percha and AH Plus® after the instrumentation of oval canals with either the Self-Adjusting File (SAF) System or WaveOne (WO) reciprocating file.

METHODOLOGY: Eighty extracted premolars were selected and divided randomly into the following four groups (n=20): Group 1, SAF instrumentation and filling using gutta-percha and AH Plus sealer; Group 2, SAF instrumentation and C-Point and BC sealer filling; Group 3, WO instrumentation and filling using gutta-percha and AH Plus sealer; and Group 4, WO instrumentation and filling with C-Point and BC sealer. Sodium hypochlorite (5.25%) and EDTA (17%) were used as irrigants for all groups. After the sealer was set completely, the teeth were prepared for micro push-out assessment using 1.0 mm-thick root slices. Loading was performed with a universal testing machine at a speed of 0.5 mm/min. Two-way ANOVA and Student's t-test for pairwise comparisons was used to compare groups.

RESULTS: All specimens filled with C-Point and BC sealer were associated with significantly higher push-out bond strength compared with gutta-percha and AH Plus sealer (p < 0.001). The bond strength was higher for the coronal and apical samples of the C-Point/ BC sealer/SAF group (6.6 ±0.3 and 3.2 ±0.3 MPa) versus those of the gutta-percha/AH Plus/ WO group (4.8 ±0.3 and 1.8 ±0.3 MPa), by 38% and by 80% in the coronal and apical parts, respectively (p<0.001, p< 0.0001). Adhesive bond failure was more common in the WaveOne-instrumented group in general and in the buccal and lingual recesses in this group in particular.

CONCLUSIONS: In oval canals, the instrument used and the root filling material significantly affected the push-out values of root fillings. The highest value was recorded in oval root canals instrumented with the SAF System and filled with C-Point and BC sealer, whereas the lowest strength was noted in oval canals instrumented with WaveOne and filled with gutta-percha and AH Plus sealer.


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