Efficacy of Different Solvents in Removing Gutta-Percha from Curved Root Canals: A Micro-Computed Tomography Study

B. C. Sağlam, M. M. Koçak, S. A. Türker, and S. Koçak

Australian Endodontic Journal. 2014 Aug;40(2):76-80 October 9.


ABSTRACT: The aim of this study was to compare the root filling material that remained after retreatment of curved root canals with chloroform and Endosolv R as solvents. The evaluation employed micro-computed tomography (CT) imaging. Thirty-six extracted molar teeth with curved roots were selected. After preparation with ProTaper rotary instruments, the canals were filled with gutta-percha and AH26 sealer. The teeth were randomly divided into three groups according to solvent used (n = 12) as follows: group 1: chloroform; group 2: Endosolv R; group 3: no solvent (negative control). ProTaper Universal Retreatment files were used to remove each root canal filling and then the self-adjusting file was applied for two minutes. Preoperative and postoperative micro-CT images were used to assess the percentage of residual filling material. The mean percentage of residual filling material was quantified. There were no statistically significant differences between the groups in terms of percentage volume of residual root canal filling.

CONCLUSION: The use of chloroform or Endosolv R did not result in less root canal filling material remnants when compared with retreatment without solvent. However, retreatment with a solvent decreased working time to remove the root canal filling material.


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