Dec 02 2018

Endo Practitioner Project - Yekaterinburg, Russia - 2.12.2018

A special project for aspiring endodontists, by Dr. Elena Lipatova.

A unique masterclass, focused on the main requirements of endodontic treatment - minimally-invasive endodontics, preservation of sound dentin and promotion of cleaning and disinfection.

In this special full-day workshop in Yekaterinburg, Dr. Lipatova provide theoretical background of instrumentation, irrigation and obturation in endodontics, demonstration under clinical microscope, and practical experience on extracted teeth.




December 2nd 2018

10:00 - 17:30

Location: Yekaterinburg, Russia
Speaker: Dr. Elena Lipatova (Липатова Елена): 

Graduate of the Ural State Medical Academy (1995). Member of the StAR's Endodontics Section, ESE, and IFEA. Conducts research in endodontics and has several publications in leading journals in the endodontic field. Speaker at national and international conferences. Operates an endodontics-only clinic at the Prior-M clinic in Yekaterinburg, Russia.


Please bring extracted teeth with an access cavity - preferably one single-rooted tooth and one multiple-rooted tooth.

Bring your loupes, if available

Registration information: Geosoft-Dent Education

Contact person:

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+7 (495) 508-22-11

Fee:  18000 rub.

Geosoft-Dent instruction center

Duhovskoy per. 17-1 WorkShop, Moscow

Духовской пер., 17с11, Москва, 115191