1. ReDent Nova GmbH & Co. Kg. purchased the intellectual property and activity of ReDent Nova ltd.

  2. We are happy to announce HealthPro (Orphanos Group) from Cyprus as our new distributor!

  3. We are happy to announce Eurocom Invest from Romania as our new distributor.

  4. We are happy to announce IT-Medika from Slovenia as our new distributor.

  5. Meet us at our booth in IDS 2017 to learn all about the SAF System

  6. We are happy to announce a "case of the month" competition on our Facebook group.

  7. The Vatea has been discontinued and will be supported until the end of 2017.

  8. The Journal of Endodontics published the 100th peer-reviewed scientific article about the SAF System.

  9. The new issue of "Endodontie Journal" sheds more light on the SAF System.

  10. Sprechen sie Deutsch? Our full site is now available in German!

  11. The new "SAFedge System", with the new EndoStation-mini, makes the best even better!

  12. A debate on endodontic instrumentation technology for our German-reading friends.

  13. We are happy to announce the publication of the new SAF System Clinical Guidelines.

  14. ReDent Nova is proud to present the new "SAF System Set"

  15. Schlumbohm has launched its new addition to the successful "EndoPilot" motor - an SAF component.

  16. Our Italian friends are invited to read an extensive review about the SAF System

  17. For professional communication and discussion about clinical SAF cases