Sep 10 2016

Celebrating the #100 peer-reviewed article

The Journal of Endodontics published the 100th peer-reviewed scientific article about the SAF System.

September 2016 finds us with an excellent reason to celebrate - the Journal of Endodontics has published the 100th peer-reviewed article about the Self-Adjusting File System.

This article, by Keleş, Alçin, Sousa-Neto and Versiani, examined the ability to remove hard-tissue debris accumulated in thin isthmuses, and concluded that the SAF System was able to achieve a significant reduction in debris accumulation.

The researchers that published this research are from Turkey and Brazil, and just as the majority of the scientific articles about the SAF System, this research too was conducted independently, without the involvement of ReDent Nova.


You are invited to read the abstract of this article.