Jun 06 2015

New SAF mode for EndoPilot

Schlumbohm has launched its new addition to the successful "EndoPilot" motor - an SAF component.

The new SAF component for the Endo-Pilot motor was announced by Schlumbohm GmbH during the IDS 2015 conference in Cologne, Germany.

Owners of the EndoPilot can now upgrade their existing motors, to enable their system to work with the advanced SAF System.

This new add-on requires a peristaltic irrigation pump (already in the disposal of users who have the ultrasonic component for the EndoPilot), a handpiece and the RDT3 handpiece head. A software version for the EndoPilot will also be required.

The EndoPilot irrigation pump is supplied with male-type luer connector, and requires female-type irrigation tubes.

More on the new component - on Schlumbohm's internet website.