Nov 30 2015

The SAF-edge System is now available!

The new "SAFedge System", with the new EndoStation-mini, makes the best even better!

After two years of development, the team at ReDent Nova is proud to announce the new member of the SAF System family - the SAFedge System!

This is a modern multifunctional endodontic motor, providing an easy and ergonomic solution for for every endodontic instrumentation, including the Self-Adjusting Files, as well as various Rotary endodontic instruments.

The heart of the sytstem is the EndoStation mini™, an ergonomic endodontic motor. The EndoStation mini™ is rechargeable, and is equipped with an replaceable peristaltic pump, enabling any dentist to operate continuous simultaneous irrigation during the operation of the SAF System, as well as agitate the irrigant. The system includes two interchangeable micromotors, SAF and Rotary, as a standard. These micromotors are automatically identified and calibrated by the motor, to allow quick and easy exchange between the instrumentation systems. The micromotors are operated by a hand switch (a footswitch is optional) for easy operation.

The system is equipped with the patented ZipperLine™ cable, that embeds the irrigation line into the micromotor cable, for ergonomic operation of the system with only one cord.

The SAFedge System will be available through the various distributors of the SAF System. Find the nearby distributor:

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