Jul 01 2015

SAF System set - new and improved!

ReDent Nova is proud to present the new "SAF System Set"

After a long process of research and development, we are happy to announce the new additions to the SAF System family:


  1. "SAF-neo": the new and improved Self-Adjusting file, with an enhanced durability, including changes in the composite materials that now allow sterilization at 134°c. SAF-neo is available in separate blister packages (5 or 10 units in a refill pack), and as part of the "SAF System Set", including a sequence of Pre-SAF instruments.
  2. Pre-SAF glide-path instruments: three new rotary instruments now allow easier and simpler glide-path preparation before the SAF operation, for narrow canals. These instruments have been examined (Kfir et al., International Endodontic Journal, 2015) to show that they assure a suitable minimally-invasive glide path for the SAF, without causing canal transportation, ledging or creation of dentinal micro-cracks. The Pre-SAF instruments include:
    • Pre-SAF OS: Orifice shaper
    • Pre-SAF 1: sized #15/.02, for narrow canals
    • Pre-SAF 2: sized #20/.04, allowing the manual insertion of the SAF
  3. SAF System Set: a sequence of the three glide-path instruments, with a 1.5mm SAF. Available in 3 lengths (21mm, 25mm, 31mm).