Jul 25 2015

Updated Clinical Guidelines and a new Clinical Card

We are happy to announce the publication of the new SAF System Clinical Guidelines.

Following the recent product announcement, we are happy to present the new version of the SAF System Clinical Guidelines.

This new version (publication date: July 2015) incorporates the vast experience we have gained with the SAF System around the world, comments from dentists that are using the system and information regrading the new Pre-SAF instruments, and emphasizes some important issues related to the clinical use of the Self-Adjusting File.

This booklet was composed by Prof. Zvi Metzger (Tel-Aviv University; head of ReDent Nova's Scientific advisory board) and Dr. Alon Amit (Director of Marketing and Education at ReDent Nova).


In addition to the Clinical Guidelines, a Clinical Card is now also available. For the first time, a short version of the clinical protocol is described in a graphical manner, to help new SAF System users remember the main usage instructions.

The Clinical Guidelines are available SAF System Clinical Guidelines and as a PDF version.

The clinical card will be provided to SAF System users in a printed form, and is also available on this website as well as in a PDF version.