Is the SAF safe to use?

The SAF provides a very high level of safety in treatment. This is reflected in the following aspects (see other questions on this FAQ section to read about the various aspects):

      1. There is no risk of creation of dentinal micro-cracks, since the SAF is hollow and cannot inflict much force in its operation.
      2. The use of no-pressure irrigation allows using copious amounts of sodium hypochlorite without the danger of sodium hypochlorite accidents.
      3. The risk for file separation is extremely low, and is as low as 0.1%.
      4. The risk of apical extrusion of debris is very low, due to the continuous no-pressure irrigation.
      5. The risk of canal transportation or perforation virtually doesn't exist, and was shown in various researches to be significantly lower than other instruments.
      6. The SAF shapes the canal in a minimally-invasive way, leaving as much sound dentin as possible.

This way, the SAF provides a very high level of cleanliness in the endodontic treatment, without the need to compromise on the various risks and damages created by other instruments.