Self-Adjusting File

Self-Adjusting File Self-Adjusting File

The SAF is a hollow file designed as an elastically compressible, thin-walled pointed cylinder that is composed of a nickel-titanium lattice.


The SAF is used as a single instrument to achieve complete 3D root canal cleaning and shaping in a minimally invasive way. Its hollow shape allows for the continuous flow of irrigant through its lumen to achieve superior disinfection.

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The SAF is available in three standard lengths (21 mm, 25 mm and 31 mm) and two diameters (1.5 mm and 2.0 mm).

The SAF 1.5 mm is designed for canals with an initial apical size of ISO 20-35.
The SAF 2.0 mm is designed for use in wider canals with an initial apical size of ISO 35-60 commonly found in retreatments or younger patients. The SAF 2.0 mm may also be used in wider canals (≥#70), but would then require the dentist to pay attention to the possible rotation of the file inside the canal.
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SAF System Set: 1 SAF + 3 Pre-SAF instruments 
SAF Neo Set 1.5mm / 21mm SafNeoSet1.51621
SAF Neo Set 1.5mm / 25mm SafNeoSet1.51825
SAF Neo Set 1.5mm / 31mm SafNeoSet1.52131
Self-Adjusting File refill (1 SAF)  
SAF Neo file 1.5 mm / 21 mm       1.51621 
SAF Neo file 1.5 mm / 25 mm 1.51825
SAF Neo file 1.5 mm / 31 mm 1.52131
SAF Neo file 2.0 mm / 21 mm 2.01621
SAF Neo file 2.0 mm / 25 mm 2.01825


Download SAF System Instructions for use / Brochure