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File Separation is No Longer an Issue!

 File separation - not an issue

File separation becomes a very rare occasion, and handling of such cases is an easy task - due to the SAF’s lattice structure and vibrational operation.

A global clinical survey of SAF tip separation:

  • Tip separation occurred in only 15 / 2517 cases (0.6%).
  • 12 / 15 were easily removed within 3 minutes using Hedström files.

Adapted from Solomonov et al, J Conserv Dent 2015;18:200-4

Avoidance of NaOCl Accidents and Post-operative Pain

  • The pressureless simultaneous irrigation permits a free backflow towards the coronal access cavity, where suction removes the excess debris-carrying fluids.
  • Avoidance of NaOCl accidents, extrusion of debris and post-operative pain.

    NaOCl accident

Post-operative pain

Adapted from Jain et al, ENDO (Lond Engl) 2016;10:153-160

Avoidance of Dentinal Micro-Cracks

Rotary and reciprocating instruments, due to their solid central core and cutting blades, have a high probability of causing micro-cracks that may lead to vertical root fractures. The SAF, due to its unique mode of operation, is the only motorized instrument shown not to cause any micro-cracks.

 % of micro-cracks after instrumentation

Adapted from Yoldas et al, J Endod 2012;38:232–235

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