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Eight Months of Clinical Experience with the Self Adjusting File (SAF) System

M. Solomonov

Journal of Endodontics. 2011 June; 37:881–887.


INTRODUCTION: The SAF system has been recently introduced for the simultaneous instrumentation and irrigation of root canals. The self-adjusting file adapts itself three dimensionally to the root canal, including its cross section. It is operated with a continuous flow of sodium hypochlorite that is delivered into the root canal through the hollow file and then activated by sonic agitation of the irrigant.

AIM: To present for the first time clinical cases prepared with the SAF system and to describe a clinical classification of canals, according to their difficulty, with recommendations for endodontic treatment sequences for each category.

METHOD: This report is based on the experience of a single endodontist, who used the system to treat more than 50 cases over the prior eight months.

CONCLUSIONS: Clinical classification of canal difficulty makes root canal treatment sequences with the SAF simple and predictable. All types of cases can be treated with the SAF system, although a novice user is advised to advance slowly along the learning curve from simpler to more complicated canals.


View abstract on PubMed. PMID: 21787511
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