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Simultaneous Irrigation

Optimal Disinfection: Continuous Refreshment of Agitated NaOCl

  • The SAF is the first and only chemo-mechanical endodontic instrument.
  • Continuous no-pressure irrigation with an irrigant combination of Sodium Hypochlorite an HEDP, creating a synergistic effect and washing away the “dentin dust” created by the SAF’s scrubbing..
  • Irrigant exchange and sonic agitation throughout the instrumentation process, for superior disinfection of even unreachable areas, such as isthmi and recesses, to prevent debris packing and extrusion.

Superior Removal of Debris

“In the SAF group, most of the specimens were completely free of debris”.

 Remaining debris

De Melo-Ribeiro et al, J Endod 2013; 39(3)398-401

Superior Disinfection

Improved mechanical cleaning, avoidance of packing of debris and continuous agitated irrigation – are the key to superior disinfection within a short period of time.

 Post-treatment positive cultures of E. Faecalis

Adapted from Siqueira et al, J Endod 2010; 36:1860-65

Improved Re-treatment

The compressibility and adaptability of the SAF enable it to effectively remove Gutta-Percha remnants, sealer and residual biofilm that are typically left in the canal after the removal of the main bulk of GP by other means.

 Improved Re-treatment

Adapted from Solomonov et al, J Endod 2012;38:1283–1287

Better Obturation

Better shaping and superior cleaning and disinfection inevitably assure better obturation, by various obturation techniques.

 Better Obturation

Adapted from De-Deus et al, J Endod 2013;38:846–849

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