Anatomical Shaping


Respecting the Natural MorphologyLong oval canal mCT


  • The Self-Adjusting File (SAF) adapts to the root canal’s natural anatomy.
  • Shaping by vertical scrubbing (5000 vibrations per minute), with simultaneous agitated irrigation.
  • Only 4 minutes of shaping, cleaning and agitation.


Adapted from Solomonov et al, J Endod 2011; 37:881-7



Minimally-invasive Preservation of Sound Dentin


  • Extremely flexible and compressible lattice-like structure.
  • Does not impose its shape, but adapts to the canal’s natural morphology circumferentially and longitudinally.
  • Retains the long axis of the canal in its original position and avoids creation of “danger zones”.
  • Circumferential removal of a uniform layer of dentin, while preserving as much sound dentin as possible.

Preservation of Sound Dentin - De-Deus

Adapted from De-Deus et al, J Endod 2011;37:701–705


C-Shaped canals - Danger zone

Anatomical shaping vs. round drilling:

C-shaped canals - Danger zone 

Adapted from Solomonov et al, J Endod 2012; 38:209-214